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Frequently Asked Question

Q. 1: What are the initial considerations grooms should make when selecting their wedding day outfit?

A: Decisions, decisions! Firstly, is it a formal or casual wedding; does it have a theme; and are they colour coordinating the suits with the bride and bridesmaids’ gowns?

Q. 2: Is the look for weddings currently very formal or verging on the relaxed?

A: Without a doubt formal wear for weddings is definitely relaxed, but every groom is an individual and it all depends on what level of formality their wedding is planned at, whether it be a very formal or casual event.

Q. 3: Who are some of the great style icons men can look to for inspiration on how to dress on their big day?

A: It all comes down to each man’s individual taste – whether it is conservative, casual or eccentric. Men’s formal fashion in Australia has come a long way and, in my opinion, is on equal par with European designs. Inspiration on how to dress wouldn’t specifically look to an icon, but is rather a matter of personal taste.

Q. 4: Fashion wise, what direction do you see formal wear moving in?

A: For a while now formal wear has been on the relaxed side. Hopefully there will be a change where men will take that one step further on their wedding day – as the brides do with their gowns – and go all the way with their suit. Rather than just a two piece suit with a tie, wear something spectacular that says “I’m the groom”, with colour, style, beautiful fabric and accessories.

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